(selected works)

It is the spectators who make the pictures.
M. Duchamp

The past easily submits to the process of creating a myth and even an apotheosis. The process of memorizing is an incredibly subjective matter. Some picture-memories that one tries to materialize anew after a passage of time gain archetypal features. My work represents a view of a general interpretation of perception. The artist performs only one part of the creative process and it is up to the viewer to complete that process by interpreting the work and assesing its permanent value. The viewer, in other words, is as important as the artist, as Duchamp said. All the titles of the photo-graphs were invented by the spectators after seeing the works. The work „The rabbit” which is the essential one for the series consists of the picture and interpretations written by the viewers. While working on this series I experienced that the work lives because somebody can see it.