WOTA (voting offering, voting deposit - a gift deposited in churches or places of pilgrimage as a token of gratitude for, among other things, listening to prayers. Such offerings are often objects associated with a specific intention of a prayer, such as crutches, boat models, body parts castings, rosaries etc.)

„Natalia Wiernik, in her previous artistic practice, analyzed issues related to the broadly defined concept of identity, its formation in the process of remembering (Thanksgiving), site-specific activities and in the perspective of interpersonal relations on the level of family (Protagonists) and on the level of society, e.g. in cultivated traditions (Display). In this context, the institution of museum, its role in creating collections and its potential to shape social consciousness has become an area of interest for her. (Salty bread, Cracow in a Box, Re-collections, Wota).

The piece presented at the exhibition is the result of the artist's work with the collection of the National Museum in Cracow. The composition, which brings to mind an ornate carpet, was created out of museum exhibits selected from the Museum's military, crafts and fabrics storerooms by deliberately juxtaposing those carriers of symbolic meanings to provoke reflection on their role in the constitution of contemporary identity.”

Agata Franaszek
historian, art historian

(selected works)